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Patrick Schiavino

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Patrick Schiavino, a long-time investor, developer, and real estate agent in Asbury Park, left Genesis Realty NJ and join the Conover Agency in January 2012. Schiavino, a New Jersey native who houses his living quarters, art studio, and gallery on Cookman Avenue, in the heart of downtown Asbury Park, initially started painting in the mid-1980’s. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. He was also in the entertainment business for 20 years, booking national acts for clubs, colleges, and concert venues. In 2000, Pat purchased his building on Cookman Avenue when his art career started to expand and the need for more space presented itself. The gallery known a


Through the process of finding a building to house his gallery, Pat became somewhat of an expert on the commercial real estate market in Asbury Park at that time. Faced with the question of whether to continue creating visual art, or taking on a much bigger creative event, the renovation of downtown Asbury Park, he chose the latter and thus became one of the essential developers of the downtown. Pat was essentially involved in some way, shape, or form, in just about every commercial and investment transaction during downtown Asbury Park’s “growing years”. When asked if he misses painting, Pat simply answers that Cookman Avenue is his “newest creation”.


“Every time I walk out of my door and look down Cookman Avenue, I think to myself, ‘It seems as only yesterday that this whole downtown was boarded up.’ As I see it today, it just makes me smile and feel really proud that I had something to do with the renaissance of this great town”.


Pat is dedicated to and loves Asbury Park. We first met Pat when he moved to town 11 years ago and used Pat as his broker. It was immediately apparent that Pat was THE real estate agent to talk to – very knowledgeable, optimistic and thorough. In Pat’s own words “it always seemed a natural for me to join the Conover team/family here in Asbury Park, I’m community minded, creative and use my vast experience to think outside the box…” That’s the kind of thinking that has made the Conover Agency see the big picture of future development while creating and maintaining a diverse community: understanding that real estate is about people.