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“There is no such thing as a bad real estate market. Every cycle, whether considered a good or bad real estate market, offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers. My job, simply stated, is to find the opportunity that will benefit my client in any market whether buyer or seller.”

If you want to know what it’s like to work with Carol, stop in at The Hotel Tides and chat with bartender, Lisa. She still enjoys the house she purchased through Realtor Carol in 1994 in Shark River Hills. Or, head over to Georgie’s and let David tell you about his real estate experiences with Carol over the last 10 years. If you had ever gone to Bistro Ole, Host/Owner Rico would have been happy to tell you how he met Carol and purchased his first two houses in Asbury Park more than 10 years ago. Carla Simpson, Simpson Interiors and Contracting, invested in Downtown Asbury Park and then turned to Realtor Carol in 2005 to sell her condo when she decided to move to a new project. Realtor Bob Roccia will be happy to tell you of his experience with Carol when he decided to buy his first home, an Asbury Park fixer upper over 20 years ago–long before he was a realtor. He still lives in this house.

Carol and her real estate partner/spouse Mickey (Nancy Carter) are life long New Jersey residents and have lived in Asbury Park for many years. A long time activist and business owner in Asbury Park, Carol is considered the “go to” person for Asbury Park history, politics, and just plain trivia.

Armed with the education and experience in showing and selling residential and commercial real estate, Carol will help you find your home or business, help you finance it, and finally kick back and enjoy it!

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Carol & Mickey took the time to get to know us and truly understand what we were looking for in a new house. Always there for us with options, they were able to uncover ‘our diamond in the rough’ and stayed with us to help navigate the, at times confusing process. We love our new home and couldn’t have done it without them.

— Dion & Sal

On April 20, 2010, we bought our first home- a very daunting experience for many, but for us it was easy…..we had Carol and Mickey as our realtors! Professional, experienced, and always available, they were able to navigate us through the complicated process of buying a new home effortlessly. Most important, they listened- they got to know what we really desired, and in fact, picked what ended up being our dream home!!!

— Michelle & Lori

Mickey and Carol provide 5-Star Service *****.  They listened to what I wanted and showed me houses that matched my requirements. I am very happy with the house I bought!  Throughout the buying process they were always professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and personable.  It was obvious that they knew the Asbury Park and surrounding areas.  I was moving in from another state and they went the extra miles of helping me get acclimated to the area even after I bought the house.  I will always use them for my real estate needs and strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to be assured that he is getting the best value for his money.

— Linda Greene

“It took nearly two years, but Mickey stuck with us while we searched for a retirement property in Asbury Park. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so Mickey had to put up with our on-again, off-again search whenever we had the opportunity to visit the east coast. She never gave up on us, braving record-breaking heat and cold to show us innumerable properties. When we finally found our dream home, Carol joined Mickey to guide us step by step through the complexity of a long-distance purchasing process. They continue to help us cope with the ongoing demands of ownership in Asbury Park. We needed attention above and beyond the typical client, and Mickey and Carol always came through.”

— Susan And Rich

“Carol & Mickey are the perfect realtors for anyone looking to make a first time purchase (or even 2nd or 3rd) in Asbury Park. They are long time residents of the area and know the history of the buildings and neighborhoods well. They provide excellent advice so that you can make educated decisions about which area and unit or house would be right for your needs and desires. The buying process can be very overwhelming but Carol & Mickey helped us navigate through or around every road block or hurdle in the process, successfully advocating for us with attorneys, mortgage brokers, bankers and other real estate brokers. They are honest and straight forward and even without asking provided us with break downs of all the costs involved in our purchase with comparisons of the different options we were considering. They not only became trusted brokers for us but also good friends. With their invaluable help, we found our perfect home by the shore.”

— Brent & Joe

“Carol and Mickey are the ‘A-Team’!! In a bad housing market, they worked with us endlessly to get our condo sold. They spent endless hours with us and were always available whenever it needed to be seen. They worked well with the town and had everything covered for us. When work sent us to Germany before the sale, they completed everything for us, it was very comforting for us to know they were there in our corner. They are a tremendous asset to the community, with long standing recognition and great reputations. They are truly a ‘shore thing’, you can’t go wrong with this team, we love them!

— Maria & Doreen