CONOVER CROSSWORD FOR January 12 Issues of:The Tri City News and The Link News

Conovoer Crossword Puzzle Answers

The Answers for the Conover Crossword in Tri City News & LInk News 1/12/12


  • 2. Opportunity to see a property, inside & out (two words). OPENHOUSE
  • 4. Those who purchase a property. BUYERS
  • 6. John C. Conover is a real ________agency. ESTATE
  • 7. An alternative to buying. RENTING
  • 10. Synonym: agent. BROKER
  • 11. Website where users can browse property listings & mortgage rates. TRULIA
  • 13. Opposite of residential. COMMERCIAL
  • 14. The person who attends to legal aspects during a real estate transaction. ATTORNEY
  • 15. What most of us pay the bank every month. MORTGAGE
  • 16. A _________ check is necessary before renting an apartment. CREDIT
  • 18. The person who determines the value of a property. APPRAISER


  • 1. What a building is divided into: individual unit. CONDOMINIUM
  • 3. A homeowner’s financial interest in a property. EQUITY
  • 5. Our office is located in ______ Park. ASBURY
  • 8. _____ rate is that type of interest rate banks charge their preferred customers. PRIME
  • 9. Properties near this tend to have higher monetary value. WATER
  • 12. A person who introduces and informs potential buyers about properties. REALTOR
  • 13. Legal document that binds two parties into an agreement. CONTRACT
  • 15. Abbreviation: database where realtors enter property information. MLS
  • 17. Paper document that conveys ownership of a property. DEED